A day in my life


Hey there! 🙂

What have you been up to? I spent the morning working around the house, doing chores. Dull holiday days here in Europe, followed by a mediocre lunch.  Hours passing by too slowly, until I came across the very movie Julie and Julia! Meryl had completely amazed me the day before in The Iron Lady, and trust me, that doesn’t happen often. So I decided to download this masterpiece, dedicated to cooking. I’m not American, so I was completely unaware of the fact that Julie Child is the author of a well-known American cookbook. I was angry – how could I’ve been so ignorant all these years (although I’ve only lived 19)?! But the thought of watching one of my favourite actors play in a movie about one of my favourite subjects lightened my spirits. How could I say no to that? And, I know, I know, I eat way too much after watching such movies… So I hesitated at first. But hey? Why not? 😀

julie and julia


The movie was a revelation. Such enthusiasm, such willingness to perfect a dish! First I thought: yet another ridiculous movie, in which some ignorant AMERICANS try to comparetheircooking to the FRENCH cuisine. Who ever heard of such a thing? They don’t stand a chance!:D And yet, I proved to be wrong. I guess I underestimated them.

It reminded me of my deep-down dream to one day, truly, become a great cook. I’m probably the only girl withlow career expectations. I’d be satisfied with a standard job, if only I had a loving husband and children to live with and the time to master the art of cookery. At least I think so.

So what was I saying? Oh yes. The movie. It literally inspired me instantly. I went off to bake some delicious cookies. And not just any cookies. Cinnamon mocha cookies. First time making these and I’m already in love. And believe it or not, it was an American recipe. Ironic, don’t you think? I’m such a hypocrite. 😀

And after that, I googled Julia Child, found this book of memoirs called My Life in France and started reading. I don’t know, where I found the strength to put it down. So ya, I want to get back to reading that. Now. So obsessed… 😀

Have a great day, where ever you are, and I hope to hear from you in the comments section. Are you familiar with Julie Child? Have you tried any of her recipes? Do you share my dreams?


Barbara (: